Thursday, March 19, 2009

Falling Apart-ment

We've seen about 15 apartments now (and just saw 7 today!) and have learned many things.

1) A new coat of paint costs about $50 in Egypt, but justifies an asking price of about $100,000 more. This is particularly true if the paint is disgusting (read: Gold!)

2) The quality of any apartment is inversely proportional to the quality of its surroundings.

3) Apartment hunting induces a unique kind of exhaustion.

Exercise makes you tired, work makes you tired, sitting in traffic makes you tired, not getting enough sleep makes you tired, exams make you tired, but apartment hunting makes you tired in a different way.

There's the physical tired of exploring apartments and climbing stairs.
There's the mental tired of trying to keep everything straight in your mind.
There's the stress tired to make the biggest financial decision of your life.
Then there's the tired of disappointment--an apartment has everything you need except for some horrible inescapable flaw.
Finally, there's the tired of excitement--the 'ooh, ooh, closer, week's will be good.'

It may actually be the most exhausting activity ever.

But it's so exciting---We just need to keep doing it!! Just a few more....we'll get there, we'll get there.....

1 comment:

Jay said...

1) you're surprised by this?

2) thats why man invented renovation

3) frequent caffeine breaks help

remember - any flaw can be fixed. especially when using dynamite. mmmmmm, dynamite.